Not Facebook or TikTok, CapCut Is the King of Applications in Indonesia

CapCut Video Editing App

TikTok and WhatsApp applications were the most downloaded applications by the people of Indonesia. However, this does not last long because the “new king” has appeared. The application is CapCut.

According to a research firm report entitled “State of Mobile 2023“, TikTok was defeated by the video editing application CapCut.

Both of these applications are under the auspices of ByteDance as the parent company. It’s no wonder this application is popular because recently content with a vertical video format is very popular.

According to data from the Sensor Tower firm, CapCut occupies the 9th position as the most downloaded application worldwide in 2021.

In Indonesia, the popularity of CapCut has also risen sharply along with the hectic number of TikTok users. The CapCut watermark often changes when scrolling through TikTok.

Ironically, CapCut’s download numbers beat TikTok in Indonesia. The report shows that the application most downloaded by Indonesians throughout 2022 is CapCut, followed by TikTok and Facebook.

In fourth place is Instagram, followed by Shopee, WhatsApp Messenger, DANA, and Snack Video in order. Numbers nine and ten are respectively occupied by WhatsApp Business and SHAREit.

However, in terms of monthly active users (MAU), the WhatsApp application is still the champion in Indonesia. After that, followed by Facebook, Instagram, Shopee, and TikTok in order.

From 6th to top 10 positions, the most MAUs were won by Tokopedia, Telegram, Gojek, MyTelkomsel, and PeduliLindungi.

It is known that CapCut was launched globally in 2020, and CapCut’s popularity immediately skyrocketed. In less than 1 year, CapCut has been downloaded 140 million times worldwide

This application is a useful video editing application that can help edit via mobile. It has a variety of advanced features that make it easier for users to freely edit their videos.

In terms of convenience and the many features it has, this application is even said to be able to beat professional video editings applications, such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.