Towards the end of February 2021, the majority of Indonesia’s territory was still hit by moderate to high intensity rain.

Moderate to high intensity rain often has the potential to cause flood disasters in a number of areas in Indonesia, as happened some time ago.

To anticipate the occurrence of flooding again, a number of efforts have been made by the government, such as river normalization, adding absorption wells and weather modification technology.

Weather modification is one of the newest efforts to reduce rainfall which has the potential to cause flooding.

Most recently, the Indonesian Air Force and the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) have implemented weather modification technology to reduce the intensity of rainfall that has the potential to flood in Jabodetabek.

BPPT Team Field Coordinator Head Dwipa Wirawan Soejoed said the modification activities were carried out through cloud seeding techniques using Indonesian Air Force aircraft.

Cloud seeding was carried out in three flights, namely, two flights using the CN295 A-2901 aircraft and one flight using the Cassa 212 A-2105 aircraft.

He added that seeding using Nacl Powder or salt aims to accelerate the growth process of rain in the waters of the Sunda Strait, north of Java Island and the Thousand Islands so that the process of rain in the Greater Jakarta area can be reduced by 24 percent.