Until October, Indonesia Is Not Safe from Covid-19


The threat of Covid-19 is still real. This is due to the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants. Some experts predict that Covid-19 cases caused by the two subvariants will reach their peak in the next month.

Epidemiologist Dicky Budiman from Australia’s Griffith University said Indonesia was still in an increasing number of cases period until October. If these vulnerable times are ignored, he is worried that the death rate of Covid-19 patients could increase, especially in at-risk groups.

“Our vulnerable period, my prediction is until October. This vulnerability does not mean there will be many deaths, no, but if we are weak in 3T, in efforts to prevent 5M, in vaccination, this, in turn, will result in fatalities, namely the most vulnerable group,” he explained.

“(This vulnerable group is) the elderly, health workers in high-risk positions, including children, pregnant women, and comorbidities.”

Furthermore, Dicky said that currently there is a pattern of slowing towards the peak of the Omicron BA.5 wave due to the immunity of the community that has been formed due to the vaccine.

However, according to him, this condition occurred due to the lack of several Covid tests. Thus, it is very likely that the actual number of cases is higher than recorded.

“Amid the lack of testing, so it is not very visible even though there are so many (number of cases),” he continued.

It is known, that new positive cases of Covid-19 or corona in Indonesia are still high. Therefore, remain disciplined in carrying out health protocols.

According to data from the Covid-19 Task Force, as of Tuesday (9/8), there were an additional 6,276 new cases of the corona. This brings the total to 6,255,679 positive cases of Corona.

Meanwhile, the number of those who recovered from the Corona case increased by 4,850 people to 6,047,507 people.

Meanwhile, the number of people who died from the Coronavirus in Indonesia increased by 18 people to 157,131 people.

The number of active Covid-19 cases in Indonesia reached 51,041 cases, an increase of 1,408 from the previous day.

The government asks the public to have a high and collective responsibility to comply with health protocols. Because to suppress the Corona outbreak, starting by reducing the transmission rate.

For this reason, the government emphasizes the importance of 5M behavior, namely wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and limiting mobility.