Aceh Province Will Realize Oil and Gas Investment Soon with MBF Group

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The province of Aceh is preparing for investment negotiations with top executives of the Mohammed Bin Faisal (MBF) Group based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This was conveyed by the Governor of Aceah Nova Iriansyah. He said that Aceh had the opportunity to get investors from the UAE regarding oil, gas, and mineral investment opportunities in its region.

He said conditions in Aceh were very safe and his party would support the MBF Group’s intention to invest in Aceh. He said that Aceh was quite strategic for investment with its position in the westernmost part of Indonesia.

“Geographically, Aceh is also said to be close to most of the ASEAN member countries. Various facilities according to the applicable laws and regulations will be provided to investors who invest in Aceh,” added Nova.

Furthermore, MBF Group CEO Arif Firdaus in Banda Aceh (10/3), said, “MBF Group companies based in Sharjah, UAE, are interested in exploring business in Aceh, particularly related to oil, gas and mineral investments.”

Arif explained that Aceh has a high potential for oil and gas resources. Therefore, professional management is needed.

He intends to invest in Aceh until he can restore the fame of the “Mecca Porch” province through the Arun Block, which was once listed as the world’s largest gas exporter.

Arif hopes that the exploration of cooperation with the Aceh Government will bear fruit so that it will provide many benefits for the Acehnese economy.

He promised to prioritize the Acehnese as workers if the cooperation was realized. According to him, currently, many Acehnese are working professionally in several oil companies in the Middle East.

During the meeting, MBF was chaired by the CEO of MBF Group Arif Firdaus, the envoy of the Indonesian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Eka Sulistiawati, and two other MBF Group officials.

After meeting with the Governor of Aceh, the MBF Group also stated that it would go to the Lhokseumawe and North Aceh areas to see the condition of the Arun area and its surroundings.