The Enchantment of the Rolls Royce Boat Tail Watch, Collaboration with BOVET 1822

Automotive Watch
Automotive Watch

After the Rolls Royce Boat Tail product arrived, now there is a companion in the form of accessories that can be worn to match the car with the spoke or made based on the order. The result of the collaboration of Rolls Royce Motor Cars with watch experts or horology BOVET 1822 gave birth to an exclusive timepiece full of charm.

This unique work has brought together the designers, engineers and craftsmen of the two art and luxury car boutiques. The result is a masterpiece worth precision, heritage, artistry, innovation, and detail full of accuracy.
The collaboration time of Rolls Royce Coachbuild from the United Kingdom and BOVET 1822 from Switzerland is present in the form of a clock on the dashboard, as well as a timepiece to be worn by both women and men. Can be applied on wrist, pendant or pocket watch.

Uniquely, each element is made according to the owner’s specifications, complete with new aesthetic values, as well as detail and precision manufacture. The work takes 3,000 hours, with a five-day power reserve and a tourbillon mechanism. According to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars attachments, the power reserve of the five-day clock is significantly more than the average when embedded in the dashboard. Generally, backups range up to 48 hours.

Meanwhile, the wrist watch that can be changed to be mounted on the dashboard or used as a desk clock or pocket watch also has its own peculiarities. When worn, it can be attached to the Amadeo case and leather handle to match the Rolls Royce Boat Tail seat. Then the metal parts can be engraved. Starting from words, expressions, to the name or initials of the owner. What a luxury.