Naturalization of Indonesian Football Team Issues


    Menpora Zainudin Amali does not want the Marc Klok case to be repeated regarding the naturalized players projected for the Indonesian national team. This was after Klok could not strengthen the national team because he could not show proof of descent.

    As is known, lately the issue of Indonesian mulatto players abroad is indeed a hot topic of discussion. The players are expected to be able to help defend Indonesia and Shin Tae-yong’s direct advice.

    There are four names that will be processed by them to be able to defend the Garuda squad, namely Kevin Diks, Jordi Amat, Sandy Walsh, and Mees Hilgers. Well, it turns out that the Menpora this time was very careful in the process of naturalizing players.

    “If he is a hereditary player, I will ask for administrative supporting evidence that he really has descendants. So that when the Indonesian national team needs to be played, he has no problems. Then in terms of age, I will pay close attention,” said Menpora Zainudin Amali.

    “Don’t let what happened today happen again. We used to think, we received it was complete. Now no, I tighten up,” he continued.

    The government admits that it does not yet know about the four descendants who will be naturalized for the Indonesian national team. However, the age aspect, said Amali, must also be taken into account.

    “Before, there were some players who were naturalized but only a short time after that their productive period was over. I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to think short term. Even though the player doesn’t play here, but plays at a foreign club, as soon as he is called up to the national team he comes, I don’t have a problem,” he concluded.