Saudi Arabia Extends Stay Permits and Visas for Expatriates from 9 Prohibited Countries until August 31, 2021


The Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) has started extending stay permits (iqama) and re-entry visas period for expatriates outside the Kingdom. Those extensions also apply to the validity of the free automatic visit visa until August, 31.

The extension was carried out as an implementation of the two holy mosques of King Salman’s custodian direction. Those are only applied to expatriates and foreigners from nine countries that are currently prohibited from entering the Kingdom due to the outbreak of Covid-19 cases. The nine countries are South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, and Turkey.

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The Minister of Finance of Saudi Arabia issued the decision as a continuous effort by the local government in dealing with the impact of Covid-19. This decision is also part of preventive measures that ensure the population’s safety and reduce the impact on various sectors of life due to the outbreak of Covid-19 cases.

Jawazat also revealed that the visa validity period’s extensions will be done automatically and have collaborated with the National Information Center and there’s no need to visit the Jawazat office.

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