Safe Ways to Drive during Labor Demonstration in Jakarta

omnibus law, demonstration, jakarta

The Jakarta Labor Movement (GBJ) held a demonstration against the omnibus law of the Job Creation Law starting on Thursday, October 15 to Thursday, October 22. The action will start at around 08.00 WIB until 16.00 WIB every day. Today the labor action was carried out in front of the Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta.

When the masses take to the streets, road users such as motorized vehicle drivers will certainly be affected. Traffic congestion due to road closures or diverted traffic will be faced by motorized vehicle users. For safe driving during demonstrations, Auto2000 provides five safe steps:

1. Monitor online news

Drivers are expected to always monitor the news about today’s demo situation. You can also update road condition information through a credible online news website.

This method can make you avoid the traffic stuck and look for other safe alternatives. On the way, keep monitoring the current situation and conditions via radio or social media as a precaution if the situation changes.

2. Take advantage of digital maps

Use a digital map application to find the best travel route. But first, learn the offered route. Also consider other alternative routes to keep all possibilities. While on the road, keep an eye on the digital map. You have to find an alternative route if the color of the road you are going to take is solid red, which means bad traffic.

3. Prepare yourself and the car

Self-preparation can be started from preparing food and drinks in anticipation of being stuck in bad traffic. Use appropriate clothing that makes it easy to move on and don’t carry excessive valuables. Use a mask and bring a hand sanitizer according to the COVID-19 protocols.

For vehicles, make sure the fuel is fully charged and the tire pressure is normal so there is no need to worry on the road. Check vehicle fluids such as oil and brake fluid to minimize potential problems. Even though it is trivial, make it a habit to go to the toilet before driving.

4. Control emotions

Actually, even without the demonstrations, the driver must maintain his emotions in order to drive calmly and comfortably. When looking for an alternative road, you can get stuck in traffic because other car users also take the same route. Therefore, stay emotional, focus and be aware of the situation.

5. Be calm when stuck in demonstrations

When there is a demonstration, you may meet a mass of action. Don’t forget to cover all the glass, make sure all doors are locked, and place valuables in a place that is not visible from the outside. There is no need to get provoked if someone does something bad.

Share your location with family or friends so they can monitor and help if something dangerous happens.