Get ready! 16 New Toll Roads to Operate This April

The Cisumdawu toll road tunnel that divides the mountain

Indonesia’s toll roads are getting longer! The PUPR Ministry reports that 16 new toll roads will operate in April 2023 to coincide with the Eid al-Fitr moment. The majority of these new toll roads are on Java Island and the rest are on Sumatra Island.

“What needs to be informed is the preparations for Eid, especially this toll road, so we convey what we hope to operate on this Eid,” said Director General of Bina Marga PUPR Hedy Rahadian in a discussion at the Pressroom of the Ministry of PUPR, Jakarta, Wednesday (8/2/2023).

Of the 16 toll roads that will operate ahead of Eid 2023, 2 of them, Japek II Selatan Toll Road and Cisumdawu Toll Road will be operationally opened. While the other 14, will be opened functionally or free.

The following is a list of the 16 toll roads that are planned to open for Eid 2023:

  1. Serpong-Cinere Toll Road Section 2 (Pamulang-Cinere) 3.64 kilometers,
  2. Cibitung-Cilincing Toll Road Section 4 (Taruma Jaya-Cilincing) 7.29 kilometers,
  3. Sections 6A and 6B of the Cisumdawu Toll Road (Ujung Jaya-Dawuan), with a length of 5.10 kilometers,
  4. Cisumdawu Toll Road Sections 4A and 4B (Cimalaka-Legok) 8.2 kilometers,
  5. Cisumdawu Toll Road Sections 5A and 5B (Legok-Ujung Jaya) 14.9 kilometers,
  6. Sigli-Banda Aceh Toll Road Section 5 (Blang Bintang-Kuto Baro) and Section 6 (Kuto Baro-Baitussalam) 12.4 kilometers,
  7. Ciawi-Sukabumi Toll Road Section 2 (Cigombong-Cibadak) 11.9 kilometers
  8. Cimanggis-Cibitung Toll Road Section 2A (Jatikarya-Cikeas) 3.5 kilometers,
  9. Cinere-Jagorawi Toll Road Section 3B (Krukut-Limo) 2.19 kilometers,
  10. Pasuruan-Probolinggo Toll Road Section 4A (East Probolinggo-IC Gending) 8.55 kilometers,
  11. Serpong-Balaraja Toll Road Section 1B (CBD-Lego 5.4 kilometers,
  12. Kuala Tanjung-Tebing Tinggi-Parapat Toll Road Section 1 20.4 kilometers,
  13. Kuala Tanjung-Tebing Tinggi-Parapat Toll Road Section 2 18.05 kilometers,
  14. Toll Kuala Tanjung-Tebing Tinggi-Parapat Section 3 30 kilometers,
  15. Kuala Tanjung-Tebing Tinggi-Parapat Toll Road Section 4 28 kilometers,
  16. Jakarta-Cikampek II South Toll Road Package 3 (Kutanegara-Sadang) 8.5 kilometers.

Furthermore, currently, operating toll roads in Indonesia reach 2,620.02 km. In the slide presentation of the press conference of the Directorate General of Highways of the Ministry of PUPR (8/2/23), most of the toll roads are located on the island of Java with a total length of 1,712.76 km.

Sumatra is in second place with a toll road length of 738.46 km, then Kalimantan Island with a length of 97.27 km, Sulawesi Island with a length of 61.46 km, and finally Bali Island with a length of 10.07 km

The toll roads operating in 2022 are 142.11 km long and those operating in early 2023 are 20.89 km long.