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BIN Detects Provocateurs Group of Demonstrators Who Want Jokowi Resigns

The National Intelligence Agency (BIN) responds to a poster calling for action entitled 'Jokowi End Game' circulated a few days ago. BIN said some...

‘Jokowi End Game’ Demo during PPKM Criticized by Entrepreneurs

The call for the 'Jokowi End Game' demonstration, was reported today, Saturday (July 24, 2021). In an appeal circulating on social media, the march...

Monas Area Forced to Close and Install Barriers to Anticipate Demonstration...

The demand to reject PPKM through the 'Jokowi End Game' demonstration scheduled for today has forced the National Monument (Monas) area to be closed...

Two Protesters Shot Killed During Demonstrations in Zambia

Two Protesters were killed in a protest outside the police station in the Zambian capital, Lusaka on Wednesday local time. The demonstration coincided with...

Safe Ways to Drive during Labor Demonstration in Jakarta

The Jakarta Labor Movement (GBJ) held a demonstration against the omnibus law of the Job Creation Law starting on Thursday, October 15 to Thursday,...



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