Complete Dose Vaccines Recipients in Indonesia are Only 10 Percent

Vaccines Recipients

The government continues to accelerate the Covid-19 vaccination with the target of achieving herd immunity by the end of this year. Currently, according to Wiku, more than 21 million people have undergone full-dose vaccination.

“As of August 3, 2021, more than 21 million Indonesians have received a complete, up to two doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

This achievement is the result of good cooperation between the community, health workers, volunteers, and various parties who contribute to it,” said Wiku in a virtual press conference broadcast on BNPB Youtube, Thursday (August 5, 2021),

Wiku said this number was equivalent to 10 percent of the herd immunity target, namely 208 million people who underwent the Covid-19 vaccination.

He said the government is targeting 2 million vaccinations per day this month to achieve the herd immunity target.

Several efforts have been made. One of which is by issuing circulars related to the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination for vulnerable people and who don’t yet have a population identification number (NIK).

“Regarding this circular, the health offices at the provincial and district/city levels are requested to immediately coordinate with relevant regional apparatus organizations in the context of implementing vaccinations for vulnerable communities. Such as groups of people with disabilities, indigenous peoples, residents of prisons, people with social welfare problems, and problematic Indonesian migrant workers and other communities who don’t yet have a NIK,” he concluded.