Bali Introduces Foreign Tourist Levy, Collects Rp9.1 Billion in First Week

The Trial Foreign Tourist Levy in Bali Successfully Generates Rp1.4 Billion
The Foreign Tourist Levy in Bali

The implementation of the foreign tourist levy in Bali has commenced, marking a significant step in the region’s tourism management. The Bali Tourism Office (Dispar) reported a notable collection of Rp9,120,000,000 within a week since February 14, reflecting the initial impact of the new regulation.

Tjok Bagus Pemayun, the Head of Dispar Bali, shared insights into the revenue generated, stating that approximately 60,800 foreign tourists have contributed to this amount. The funds collected are channeled into the regional treasury and managed in accordance with the regional budget mechanism overseen by the Bali Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda). Notably, the allocation of these funds prioritizes addressing environmental concerns and preserving Bali’s rich cultural heritage.

Reflecting on the early success of the levy, the Bali Provincial Government expressed gratitude for the immediate financial contributions from tourists. Tjok emphasized the ongoing commitment to ensure a seamless experience for visitors, with a focus on safety and comfort upon their arrival in Bali.

While acknowledging the revenue generated, officials are keen on continuous improvement. Feedback regarding the inspection locations and overall implementation process is being carefully considered to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the levy system. Plans for regular evaluations every three months aim to optimize the program’s performance and address any operational challenges.

The Bali foreign tourist levy collection process primarily involves direct payments from tourists via the Love Bali application and designated counters at the I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport. However, plans to expand payment points to accommodate cruise ship arrivals are also underway, with a focus on streamlining the registration process for tourists.

Looking ahead, the Bali Provincial Government remains committed to ensuring the security and comfort of visitors, with aspirations for a seamless payment experience that aligns with modern digital trends.

The establishment of a legal framework, including Law Number 15 of 2023 and subsequent provincial regulations, provides a solid foundation for the effective management of tourism revenue and the preservation of Bali’s cultural and environmental assets.