Unveiling the Potential, Labuan Jambu Aims to Become a Premier Whale Shark Tourism Destination

Unveiling the Potential, Labuan Jambu Aims to Become a Premier Whale Shark Tourism Destination (photo: NOAA - Unsplash)

The village of Labuan Jambu, situated in Tarano, Sumbawa Regency, boasts an extraordinary collection of natural whale sharks and mesmerizing marine landscapes. Recognizing the immense tourism potential, the Provincial Government of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is actively targeting the development of whale shark tourism in this region.

Labuan Jambu Village, nestled within the Tarano District of Sumbawa and adjacent to the enchanting Teluk Saleh Waters, serves as a captivating habitat for whale sharks.

These majestic creatures make their appearance at around 6:00 AM when local fishermen lift their nets, drawn by the abundant presence of plankton—the primary food source for these gentle giants. This opportune moment provides a unique window for visitors to engage in exhilarating snorkeling adventures and interact closely with these magnificent whale sharks.

Governor Zulkieflimansyah of NTB emphasizes the remarkable economic potential that whale shark tourism holds for the surrounding communities in Labuan Jambu. To fully unlock this potential, strategic infrastructure development is essential, ensuring convenient access for tourists to the captivating Labuan Jambu.

Governor Zul envisions a comprehensive approach, including the establishment of suitable accommodations, enabling visitors to fully immerse themselves in the wonders of Labuan Jambu. Additionally, he envisions the installation of impressive public viewing facilities, featuring large screens that showcase captivating videos of whale sharks, further enchanting and captivating the attention of global tourists.

In line with this vision, Governor Zul extends a warm invitation to potential investors, encouraging them to actively participate in the development of Labuan Jambu. The construction of adequate and comfortable accommodations is crucial in creating an enticing and memorable experience for visitors.

Governor Zul firmly believes that with proper polishing and extensive promotion, whale shark tourism in Labuan Jambu has the potential to attract both domestic and international tourists, contributing significantly to the local economy and enhancing the overall tourism landscape of the region.

Furthermore, Muslim, the Head of the NTB Marine and Fisheries Agency (Dislutkan), emphasizes that the whale shark tourism potential in Teluk Saleh has the capacity to emerge as a world-class tourist destination. In pursuit of this vision, collaboration with the Indonesian Horizon Conservation Foundation (YKCI) becomes paramount, as it seeks to empower local fishermen and engage the Village Security Community (Pokmaswas) in Labuan Jambu.

By establishing a sustainable management framework, this partnership aims to harness the abundant ecological resources while fortifying the institutional capacity of Labuan Jambu.

In this concerted effort, it is vital to ensure the involvement of Pokmaswas and the active participation of local youth, as they play a pivotal role in the ecological aspects of whale shark conservation. The partnership is rooted in the principle of mutual benefit, placing a strong emphasis on ecological sustainability.

The NTB Provincial Government’s overarching mission of creating a beautiful and sustainable NTB region through the responsible management of natural resources and environmental preservation resonates strongly within this collaborative endeavor.

Whale shark tourism in Labuan Jambu symbolizes not only a thrilling adventure for tourists but also an opportunity for local communities to flourish. It showcases the unique allure of this natural habitat while inviting investors to contribute to its development.

The harmonious blend of breathtaking marine wonders, strategic infrastructure, and community empowerment sets the stage for Labuan Jambu to emerge as a globally renowned whale shark tourism destination, promoting environmental conservation and providing economic prosperity for the region.