What Will Happen to the State Assets after the Capital Moves?

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DKI Jakarta

The capital will soon move to East Kalimantan. DKI Jakarta will no longer be the center of government. Related to this, the question arises: what will happen to the Rp. 1,464 trillion of state assets after the capital moves?

The government has actually thought of this. Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani encouraged her staff, namely the Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN), to find a strategy for managing IDR 1,464 trillion in state assets in Jakarta. He alluded to this, considering the plan to move the national capital to the archipelago.

Sri Mulyani hopes to remind us that the assets that will be abandoned must be managed so that they provide benefits and generate profits.

“So when Rp. 1,464 trillion, this asset should not only be our asset, but it also depreciates every year, requires maintenance costs every year,” he said in the Workshop on Recycling and Management of State Assets, quoted Friday (9/12/2022).

Thus, he views the ranks of the DJKN as requiring a strategy to manage state assets by adjusting market mechanisms and involving the private sector. Sri Mulyani asked DJKN to consider the financial, social, and environmental impacts.

“Economically it must continue to be positive, socially it must also be better and have a positive impact, and the environment must continue to be healthy. So I am giving you now, in my information, when I speak this is for indicators. So Mr. Rio must translate it into KPI (key performance index) in 2023 and 2024? OK, I’ll ask my team to record it and we’ll bring it to the leadership meeting,” he said.

“In my opinion, DJKN needs to then discuss with many parties because this should not become an asset and then provide a burden without any benefit. That is a very basic indicator for a bad asset manager,” added Sri Mulyani.

On the other hand, he also hopes that these assets will generate profits as a basic added value for the economy.

“The most important point is that the benefits must exceed the costs,” said Sri Mulyani.

Sri Mulyani also invited the private sector to cooperate in managing the assets that would be abandoned.

The new capital construction in the East Kalimantan region continues. As of last November, The East Kalimantan Provincial Government, which is part of the land acquisition preparation team for the National Capital City (IKN), has begun land acquisition.
Land acquisition was carried out in the Sepaku sub-district, Penajam Paser Regency.

This can be seen in the letter of notification of the land acquisition plan for the IKN construction phase I in the Sepaku sub-district, North Penajam Paser Regency, East Kalimantan Province, with the number 590/102/SEK-TP2T/Kaltim.

The letter was issued on November 8, signed by the Head of the Preparation Team, Secretary Siti Sugiyanti.

The land area needed for the IKN construction in North Penajam Paser is 348.09 hectares which is located in Bukit Raya Village about 0.01 hectares, and Bumi Harapan Village 348.07 hectares.

Currently, the land that is being prepared for the construction of the IKN reaches 921 hectares for the zone IA area of ​​the total IKN area of 6,671 hectares. Later, the excess investors will be offered to other areas adjacent to the Central Government Core Area.