The Number of Foreign Workers Has Increased, Exceeding the Number During the Pandemic

foreign worker in Indonesia

The number of foreign workers working in Indonesia is increasing. The Ministry of Manpower has reported that as of November 2022, there were 111,746 foreign workers. The government says that their arrival in Indonesia has a specific purpose.

The figure submitted by the Ministry of Manpower exceeded the level before the Covid-19 pandemic and successfully scored the highest record since 2017.

In detail, in the 2021 period, foreign workers actually decreased by 5.85% to 88,271 people from the previous year, the number had reached 93,761 people.

The Ministry of Manpower also stated that the majority of foreign workers worked in the service sector, namely 29.08%, the industrial sector 48.3%, and a small number entered the agricultural and maritime sectors with a percentage of 2.62%.

From this data, almost half of them had a professional position level with a percentage of 48.43%, followed by consultants at 21.3%, managers with a percentage of 20.9%, directors at 8.68%, and commissioners at 0.69%.

If we look at their area of origin, these foreign workers came from China with a percentage of 46.83%, Japan with 10.01% and there were also those from India, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea, the US, the UK, Singapore but still with a low percentage.

The high number of them in Indonesia actually has a specific purpose. Their arrival has the aim of bringing skills in the context of knowledge and technology transfer.

The presence of foreign worker in Indonesia is a form or method to influence the investment climate in Indonesia, as an incentive for investors to invest in the context of development and economic growth in Indonesia.

Approximately 42.07% of foreign workers work across provinces, while the remaining 57.93% work in a particular area. The province accommodates the most of them in Central Sulawesi.