Penglipuran Village in Bali Named One of the Best Worldwide, Exciting Festivals Ahead!

Penglipuran Village, Bali
Penglipuran Village, Bali

Bali continues to weave its enchanting spell on the global stage, with Penglipuran Village in Bangli, Bali, securing a prestigious position among the world’s best tourist villages for the year 2023. Alongside 54 other villages from diverse corners of the world, Penglipuran Village received this accolade from The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) during a ceremony held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, on Thursday, October 19, 2023. This recognition adds to the village’s previous global acclaim when, in 2016, it earned the title of the cleanest village worldwide.

Keen on furthering its renown and fostering holistic development, the village administration is gearing up for a series of events, with the notable highlight being the Penglipuran Village Festival. Wayan Sumiarsa, the Chairman of the village administration, emphasized the proactive stance of the management team in their pursuit of continuous development, even after achieving this esteemed global recognition.

To propel Penglipuran Village forward, Wayan outlined initiatives that align with the evaluation criteria for the world’s best tourist villages. The first thrust involves encouraging active community participation in the management and upkeep of Penglipuran Village. Secondly, the management team, under Wayan Sumiarsa’s leadership, is steadfast in implementing sustainable tourism practices, placing particular emphasis on environmental considerations.

“During our upcoming annual event, the Penglipuran Village Festival, scheduled for next month, we aim to bring to fruition all that we have accomplished. Whether it be our distinction as one of the cleanest villages, a recognized green destination, or among the best tourist villages globally, our focus will be on amplifying efforts to reduce waste,” remarked Wayan Sumiarsa.

He also disclosed a key theme for the Penglipuran Village Festival – “Green Investment for the Next Generation.” This theme will not merely be a slogan but a tangible commitment embedded in the fabric of Penglipuran Village.

“For example, in our engagement with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), we intend to guide them toward reduced plastic usage. To encourage alignment with our sustainability goals, we are prepared to offer support and compensation. If, for instance, their challenge lies in plastic bags, we can provide alternatives like paper bags. Without such support, implementation could prove challenging,” elucidated Wayan Sumiarsa.

The Penglipuran Village Festival is slated to unfold from December 7 to 9, 2023. Wayan Sumiarsa envisions this event as the inaugural step in the tangible implementation of strategies aimed at fortifying Penglipuran Village’s standing as the best tourist village globally for the year 2023, with a focal point on sustainable tourism practices.