Pertalite Gasoline to Be Discontinued Next Year, Replaced by Pertamax Green 92


The anticipated discontinuation of RON 90 or Pertalite, a type of oil fuel, is gaining attention as Pertamina, the state-owned energy company, proposes its removal from the market next year. This strategic move stems from Pertamina’s initiative to transition towards more environmentally friendly fuel options and align with global trends in sustainable energy.

Pertalite, characterized by its lower octane rating, is poised to make way for Pertamax Green 92, a 7 percent ethanol blend gasoline (E7), as well as other greener alternatives.

Pertamina’s Director, Nicke Widyawati, conveyed this proposition during a parliamentary hearing at the DPR (People’s Consultative Assembly), Jakarta. She underscored the significance of this proposal, indicating that Pertamina’s intention is to ensure a seamless transition that preserves price stability and accessibility to consumers.

The rationale behind this shift lies in the manifold benefits that the newer fuel alternatives provide. Notably, Pertamax Green 92 presents a dual advantage by offering better engine performance due to its higher octane rating and contributing to a reduction in emissions, thereby aligning with the country’s commitment to mitigate environmental impact.

In terms of practical implementation, Pertamina’s plans involve careful consideration of subsidies and compensations. The proposed subsidy for Pertamax Green 92 serves a twofold purpose: it supports the promotion of environmentally friendly fuels and safeguards consumer affordability. This regulatory approach seeks to avoid market fluctuations and maintain a steady transition towards cleaner fuel options.

Furthermore, Pertamina’s CEO highlighted the overarching objective of this proposal—to streamline Pertamina’s product offerings to cater to evolving energy demands and contribute to Indonesia’s sustainability goals. The impending launch of Pertamax Green 92, Pertamax 95 (blended with 8 percent ethanol), and Pertamax Turbo will represent a significant step in this direction.

These shifts not only bear economic implications but also hold substantial ecological significance. By introducing greener fuels and phasing out Pertalite, Pertamina aims to tackle the pressing environmental challenges posed by vehicular emissions. This aligns with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ ongoing review of policies to enhance Indonesia’s energy landscape, thereby nurturing a cleaner and more sustainable future.

As the nation progresses towards these fuel transformations, Pertamina’s efforts are poised to set a noteworthy precedent within the energy sector. The synergy between corporate initiatives and governmental policies exemplifies Indonesia’s commitment to navigating a path of responsible energy consumption and environmentally conscious decision-making.

This endeavor, as underscored by the Minister of ESDM, aims to curtail emissions, promote cleaner air quality, and ensure a healthier urban environment for all.