Paid Vaccination of IDR 400 Thousand/Injection goes on sale today

Paid Vaccine
Paid Vaccination Jakarata

Paid Vaccination of IDR 400 Thousands/Injection goes on sale todayPT Kimia Farma Tbk starts today serving paid vaccines. The existence of this service is expected to accelerate the formation of herd immunity.
The government through the Ministry of Health has set a tariff for paid vaccines through the Decree of the Minister of Health Number HK.01.07/MENKES/4643/2021 concerning the Determination of the Purchase Price of Sinopharma’s Vaccines.
In the decision, the tariff for the purchase of a paid vaccine is set at Rp 321,660 per dose. Meanwhile, if two injections it requires two doses.
Then the maximum tariff for Kimia Farma vaccination services is set by the government at Rp. 117,910 per dose. This means that to complete the vaccination stage, you must do two injections.
With this tariff, every community who wants to do a paid vaccine has to pay Rp 439,570/dose. Meanwhile, for two injections of Rp. 879,140.
The cost consists of a vaccine price of Rp. 643,320 for two doses and a vaccination rate of Rp. 235,820 for two injections.
The regulation states that the tariff for vaccines and vaccinations is the highest limit imposed by public/private health care facilities. The price also includes a 20% profit for purchasing vaccines and a 15% profit for the maximum tariff for vaccination services.