G20 Guests Go on City Tour in Solo


On the last agenda of the Trade Investment Industry Working Group (TIIWG) meeting, Thursday (31/3/2022) tomorrow, guests and delegates from various countries will be invited to the City tour by the Solo City government.

Later, the Solo City Government will prepare two units of Werkudara double-decker buses and a Jaladara kluthuk train to take the delegates around the city.

Head of the Transportation Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) of the Solo City Transportation Service (Dishub) M Yulianto said, two double-decker buses were used by delegates and guests of the G20 meeting for city tours exploring various tourist destinations and craft centers as well as micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Solo Raya.

Later, they will also be accompanied by a tour guide in charge of explaining the advantages and potential of each tourist destination and superior product.

“For the location of tourist destinations and superior products or MSME centers to be visited, it depends on the TIIWG committee,” he said

Later, the delegates and guests of the G20 will also enjoy a city tour using the Jaladara kluthuk train which is pulled by a wood-fueled steam locomotive.

The route that the Jaladara kluthuk track passes is to divide the Jalan Slamet Riyadi section which is an arterial road in Bengawan City.

“The Jaladara steam train has been prepared for the delegates and guests. Maybe the schedule is the same on the last day of the event. However, I am still waiting for the results of coordination with the committee,” he said.

After joining the city tour, the delegates and guests will then be treated to dinner or royal dinner at Pamedan Pura Mangkunegaran. They will be treated to a variety of traditional culinary and Mangkunegaran dance performances.