The Relocation of IKN Has a Very Positive Impact on Infrastructure

The latest IKN development progress in East Kalimantan

The national capital (IKN) relocation has a direct positive impact on the East Kalimantan infrastructure. The IKN construction has proven to bring improvement in the national road conditions.

Furthermore, the development of IKN has also brought an increase in the allocation of central funds for infrastructure development on Kalimantan Island.

This was conveyed by the Governor of East Kalimantan, Isran Noor. He detailed that national road conditions were in a steady state of 82.29 percent at the end of 2021, then increased to 84.72 percent at the end of 2022.

“Meanwhile (the road) is not stable at 15.38 percent. Gradually it continues to increase,” he said as quoted, Thursday (2/2/2023).

He revealed that this year the central government, through the PUPR Ministry, will continue the works that have been contracted, namely the construction of an access road to the Mentawir Nursery in Sepaku, preservation of Sp 3 – Lempake – Sp 3 Sambera – Santan, preservation of the Batu Ampar – Sp 3 Muara Wahau road and preservation of the Kelay – Labanan road.

Then, the preservation of the Labanan – Tanjung Redeb – Bulungan boundary road, preservation of the Gunung Tabur road (Sp 3 Maluang – Usiran – Tanjung Batu (Derawan Pier) with a national road length of 2022 reaching 1,806.76 km.

Specifically for the development of the area around the IKN, several development projects will be carried out including the construction of the IKN work/logistics road (KIPP), the development package for the Sepaku segment 4 ring road, the IKN toll road segment Tempadung – Balang Island Bridge and the IKN toll road KKT Kariangau segment – Tempadung intersection.

For information, the PUPR Ministry through the East Kalimantan National Road Development Center (BBPJN) has disbursed a budget of up to IDR 4.3 trillion to build infrastructure throughout 2022.