Covid-19 Task Force: Scuba Masks and Buffs Are Too Thin, Cannot Filter Out Viruses

    Scuba Masks

    The Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force did not recommend that the public wear a scuba or buff type mask. According to him, the mask was too thin so it was less effective at warding off the Covid-19 corona virus.

    “This scuba or buff mask is a mask with only one layer and is too thin, so the possibility to penetrate and not be able to filter is greater,” Wiku said in a press conference on the Youtube Presidential Secretariat, Tuesday (15/9/2020).

    According to him, scuba masks are also easy to pull down to the chin, so that the mask does not work. Wiku asked people to use quality masks to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

    “Use a mask in the right way to protect, cover the area or nose up to the mouth and chin,” he said.

    He said the public could use surgical masks or cloth masks. Wiku reminded them to wear cloth and surgical masks made of cotton and three layers because they have a good ability to filter out viruses.

    “A good fabric is cotton and triple layered. Why is that important, because the ability to filter or filter virus particles will be better with a greater number of layers,” explained Wiku.