Government Encourages Airlines to Add Planes and Ticket Promos

Garuda Indonesia Airline

Ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the government is encouraging airlines to increase the number of their aircraft fleets. They are also encouraged to increase ticket promos.

Director General of Civil Aviation Tasks Executor Maria Kristi said that to prepare for demand growth, she ensured the imposition of affordable rates or dynamic pricing and ticket promos.

“We encourage airline partners to immediately realize an increase in air transportation, both increasing the capacity of the number of aircraft and adding flight routes. We also hope that there will be promos given by airlines, especially to increase tourism,” said Kristi, Thursday (7/12/ 2022).

For information, currently, 402 aircraft units are serviceable and ready to operate. Apart from that, there will be an increase in the movement of aircraft and passengers during Christmas and New Year’s in 51 monitoring airports.

Kristi said that the number of passengers for air transportation is predicted to increase by 52.7 percent compared to 2021/2022.

The number of passengers during the Nataru period was 2.37 million passengers, and this year it is predicted to reach 3.62 million passengers because there are no mobility cancellations during the 2022/2023 holidays.

The government has also prepared as many as six anticipatory strategies for the holiday period for air transportation.

The strategy is to maintain and improve compliance with aspects of aviation safety and security as well as health protocols, increase air transport capacity, maintain demand growth, increase passenger services, anticipate force majeure or emergencies, as well as effective and massive communication to users of air transportation services.

Additional capacity is carried out by adding additional flights or by changing the type of aircraft to a larger one. Then, the next strategy is to increase the readiness of the number of aircraft.

Furthermore, the addition of airport operating hours. Then increase the utilization of aircraft/hours of aircraft utilization, and eliminate work on the air side.