Work From Home Time Management Tips and Principles

Time maanegment work from home illustrations

Time management is a key to stay productive during the Work From Home (WFH) era.

WFH has its own advantages and disadvantages. Apart from the convenience that you can get without having to spare time for transportation, cut your meals budget, and meet your family, the WFH system could make it easier to get distracted.

Here are several methods that you can try to improve your productivity during WFH:

Time blocking method

This method requires you to make a daily schedule beforehand. You have to determine each activity that you will do every day in specific time details. Then, you have to divide your activities into Proactive and Reactive categories. This is the reason why this method is called time blocking. You have to put certain activities into blocks/categories.

Indeed, Time Blocking is a rigid and strict method. Even so, you still have to be realistic when setting your daily schedule. Be prepared for sudden business. Such as impromptu meetings, emails from important clients that must be answered immediately, and so on.

Most Important Task (MIT) Method

As the name suggests, this method requires you to focus on only the most important activities. So instead of writing down all the daily activities in detail, you should only write down 1-3 really important MIT activities for the day.

You can write it on sticky notes, notepad on a computer, or even plain paper. Notably, make sure that the note is always visible. For example, you can put it on a table or stick it on the wall.

Consequently, you are not allowed to do any activities until your 1-3 MIT have been completed. Whether it’s opening entertainment sites, checking social media, or even replying to chats from your crush.

The Pomodoro technique

This is a simple method that could significantly increase your productivity. The only tool you need is a timer. You can use a phone timer, watch, or computer timer.

Once you find the timer, do the following:

  • Choose an activity
  • Set the timer for 25 minutes
  • Do the activity without interruption until the timer ends
  • Short break (about five minutes)
  • Set the timer again for 25 minutes
  • Continue the activity (or choose another new activity if the previous one has been completed)
  • Rest five minutes
  • Repeat the above process for up to four sessions, then take a long break of about 15-30 minutes

Repeat the Pomodoro Technique above as needed for the day.

This method is a way of organizing work that forces you to 100% focus on your task. For this reason, there shouldn’t be any kind of disturbance during the session. If there’s an interruption and it stops for even a minute, you’ll have to start the session all over again.

90-Minute Focus Session

The human body has a cycle called ultradian rhythms. These are cycles in which your body and mind operate at their maximum for 90-120 minutes. After that, you will feel exhausted and need to rest before the cycle starts again.

Well, you can use these ultradian rhythms as a way to set your time during WFH. For example, working nonstop for 90 minutes, then resting for about 20-30 minutes. Repeat this until your working hours are over.

You can choose any method that is suitable for you. You can also modify and mix it until you find your perfect time management method. Nevertheless, here are some principles that you should keep in mind to make it effective.


If you have made a schedule, the next thing to do, of course, is to comply with it. Discipline in sticking to a schedule can be an important key to productivity during WFH. Not only do companies in the financial sector and funds have the principle of ‘time is money, but all elements of business people, both workers, and owners do too. Therefore, it is important to be disciplined to follow the schedule that has been made.

Complete Work Without Procrastination

Procrastinating only will make your job even harder in the end. In consequence, you will get lazier to do it.

Putting aside unimportant matters

Working at home has a lot of potential distractions. Always keep in mind that work and business matters should not be ruled out. Because, sticking to the facts, the smooth running of the business has an impact on the smooth running of personal and company finances. Therefore, separate unimportant matters at home so that they can be done after the work is completed.

Create a Productive Work Atmosphere

Try to provide a special room for working, so that you can keep up your productivity without getting disturbed. If possible, keep the workspace away from the bed or television. In this way, you can avoid getting a sudden feeling that creates a sense of laziness. For example, you can create a little space in your living room, balcony, etc.

Time management is important. Especially during Work From Home when there are a lot of possible distractions. After reading several methods and principles above, which one do you think is the most suitable for you?

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