An expert assesses DKI PPKM is ineffective, Urges Lockdown and Increases 3T

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An epidemiologist from Griffith University Australia, Dicky Budiman, assessed that the implementation of restrictions on micro community activities (PPKM) in DKI Jakarta was not effective in reducing the spread of the Corona virus. Dicky suggested the lockdown to increase tracing, testing and treatment (3T).
What is clear is that PPKM is from our response so far and it can be seen. Actually, in fact, with the increasing number of cases, it is clear that PPKM is not significantly effective. And speaking of the effectiveness of one intervention, look at one of them, how the impact is in reducing the reproductive rate, not significantly decreasing. Dicky then highlighted the high Corona positivity rate. He emphasized that the handling of the DKI Corona pandemic requires a big response. “From the initial analysis, we can predict strongly that this can’t be done, because our problem is already big everywhere. (COVID-19) has spread, then it is big, with positivity tests. the high rate so far with our community transmission level. Those 2 just show that we can’t respond like this, because the problem is big, the response must also be big. So according to the magnitude of this problem, the response is also big , he explained.

Therefore, if the response is small, so that it affects the facts in PPKM, there has not been a significant increase. The 3T we have done so far still tends to be low, so the facts are increasing like this. This case is also in handling this case has not been successful.

Diki then suggested that a lockdown be carried out. However, testing to vaccination also needs to be improved.
Things like that show these 3 must be combined and something must be strengthened to suppress this. And at least the similarity of all 3T. If it’s weak, we can’t. So the lockdown is not the only one. So the conclusion is like that, but there must be restrictions and followed by 3T which is also maximum,” said Dicky.

Dicky said the policy was not only applied in Jakarta. Because, according to him, the island of Java should be a priority for handling. When we talk about this case, all of Indonesia, if you look at Jakarta, it looks like the most serious one because Jakarta’s testing is the best, far from other areas. But other areas do not mean they are better than Jakarta, even more serious, even in Java this is a large population much more serious than Jakarta. In the midst of the lack of testing tracing, “he explained.