Receiving Mixed Reactions, Regulation Requiring Driving School Certificate for Driver’s License Still Not Enforced

The Driver's License Issuance Rules Updated, Driving School Certificate Becomes Mandatory! (photo: bas peperzak - Unsplash)

The proposed implementation of requiring education and driving training certificates as a prerequisite for obtaining a Driver’s License (SIM) has sparked a mixed response within the community. In addressing this issue, the Traffic Directorate of the Indonesian National Police (Korlantas Polri) has stated that the regulation will not be enforced at present.

To ensure a standardized approach, the police are currently engaged in a comprehensive study to establish guidelines for implementing the regulation effectively. Brigadier General Yusri Yunus, the Director of Registration and Identification at Korlantas Polri, emphasized the importance of careful consideration before implementing such measures.

“The regulation has not been implemented yet as we are still in the process of studying it. We need to evaluate various aspects, including the accreditation of driving schools and instructors. However, the regulations are already in place,” Yusri explained during a recent press conference in Jakarta.

Yusri also indicated that it is challenging to determine the exact timeline for the implementation of the regulation. He highlighted the need for subsidiary regulations derived from the National Police Regulation Number 2 of 2023, which pertains to amendments in the issuance and marking of Driver’s License (SIM) under the National Police Regulation Number 5 of 2021.

“Subsequent regulations must be developed to provide clear guidelines for implementation. When will it be implemented? Not yet. We must wait for the appropriate time. So, it is not yet in effect,” he further clarified.

Previously, the police introduced a new regulation regarding SIM issuance, which stipulated that applicants must submit a photocopy of their education and driving training certificate. This requirement is explicitly stated in Article 9, paragraph (1), number 3 of the National Police Regulation Number 2 of 2023.

The regulation also mandates the attachment of a driving competency verification letter from an accredited driving school for individual applicants who have not undergone formal education or training.

Furthermore, the education and driving training certificates, along with the driving competency verification letters, will be recorded in the SIM database maintained by Korlantas Polri.

Yusri emphasized that even when the implementation guidelines are finalized, the police will not immediately enforce the new provisions. Instead, there will be a substantial period of socialization and public awareness campaigns to ensure that the community is well-informed and understands the policy.

“We will disseminate the information to the public before the regulations take effect. It will not be implemented abruptly,” Yusri concluded.