Whatsapp “Last Seen” Feature Could Be Hidden from Certain Contacts Soon!


WhatsApp users will soon have a feature that will allow them to save the “last seen” or “last seen” status of some people in their contacts.

Last seen is a feature that makes the user able to see when the last time their friend was online. Generally, the information listed on the Last Seen status is shown in the form of days, hours, and minutes. Users can also turn off the Last Seen feature so that all contact lists cannot see that information.

Recently, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature for Last Seen. They will make this to not be seen by certain contacts, instead of everyone. This new feature is an option “My contacts except ..” which can be selected to display Last Seen, Profile Photo, and About information from the user.

Through this option, users can choose to hide user-profiles and activities on WhatsApp from only certain people in the contact list.

There will be four choices of who can see your “last seen” status. Those are:

  • “Everyone/everyone”,
  • “My Contact/my contacts”,
  • “My Contact Except/my contacts except”,
  • “Nobody / Not a single person.

WhatsApp will only provide additional features when the feature is considered very stable. If the beta program probation process success, soon everyone who uses WhatsApp on Android will be able to use the new feature.