Best Foods to Consume After Getting Vaccines

Best food after getting vaccines

Vaccination programs continue to be carried out by the government to break the chain of the Covid-19’s spread immediately. The side effects after the vaccine are different for each individual and sometimes make us worry about consuming certain foods. 

But in fact, some of these foods are actually good for consumption and reduce side effects after the vaccine. Here’s the review for you.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

One of the side effects of vaccination is nausea. This condition is natural because your body is responding and preparing a stronger immunity. This is why you need anti-inflammatory foods to reduce the effects of nausea after getting a vaccine.

Its anti-inflammatory properties neutralize the side effects of vaccines and prevent free radicals from entering the body. You can find anti-inflammatory by consuming olive oil, fish oil, green vegetables, spices such as ginger, turmeric, etc., nuts, and many others.

Hot Soup

In some people, the effect of vaccination causes loss of appetite. Whereas after vaccination, you must meet adequate and nutritious food intake. This is to maximize the effectiveness of the vaccine.

To deal with this problem, it’s a good idea to consume warm soup combined with spices such as ginger, turmeric, or other types of spices.

Vitamin C

After getting the vaccine, don’t forget to take vitamin C. It is believed that vitamin C can increase the body’s immunity.

Quoted from the Eating Well page, doctors recommend that people who have just been vaccinated can consume vitamin C. Although there has been no comprehensive research on the link between food and the effectiveness of the vaccine. Experts advise eating nutritious foods and meet the intake of vitamin C.

Foods to Avoid

After receiving the vaccine, avoid eating junk food. Change your diet by eating healthy and highly nutritious foods. In addition, avoid consuming alcohol because it can cause dehydration, affect immunity and vaccine response.

The effects of vaccination will indeed be felt shortly after the vaccine is injected into the body. Therefore, it would be better if you meet the nutritional intake to maximize the vaccine response in strengthening the body’s immunity.