‘Microgreen’ a Healthy Foods that Can be Grown While at Home


For those who have a gardening hobby and feel bored when you are at home, microgreens can be a solution.

A microgreen is one of the latest innovations in farming. This innovation allows you to grow crops on limited land and in small quantities or for your daily consumption.

This plant comes from a variety of vegetables consumed by the community. The most common types are usually some popular types of plants, such as watercress, chia, basil, cabbage, radishes, french spinach, mustard greens, sunflowers, celery, chives, and many more. Almost all of these plants can grow well in tropical climates, including in Indonesia.

How to grow microgreens is easy to do, because you can do it indoors or outdoors.

For those who have limited space, you can still plant them in pots. As its name, micro, this plant doesn’t require much space to live because of its tiny size.

This also applies to the planting media it uses, which does not require many planting media. That’s because the environment’s needs are adequate.

To plant it, you should prepare the most is a pot or placemat, compost or soil, water, and sunlight. You should keep the cleanliness and nutrient content in the soil properly. In this case, you can use soil that is already in the form of growing media.

For water needs in this plant aren’t quite much. Even so, you have to water it regularly twice a day.

Meanwhile, the need for direct sunlight is for 3 to 4 hours every day. So it is necessary to prepare a planting location that allows sunlight to enter directly during the required time.

Microgreens are high in antioxidants. These are useful for maintaining long-term health, preventing premature aging due to free radicals, and being able to fight carcinogens that cause cancer.

A microgreen is good for consumption to get additional stamina. It is capable of accelerating wound healing and post-surgery due to high protein content, increasing brain intelligence, preventing the risk of dementia or senile dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

The natural nutrients found in every part of the plant are safe for long-term consumption. However, these foods are better consumed raw. In that conditions, microgreen natural nutrients are better preserved and provide maximum benefits for your body.