Reference Prices for 6 Food Commodities Have Been Published

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As a formed effort to strengthen national food governance, the Government, through the National Food Agency (Bapanas), has officially issued regulations related to 6 reference prices for some food commodities.

The six food commodities are soybeans, shallots, red bird’s eye chilies, curly red chilies, beef/buffalo meat, and the consumption of sugar.

This rule is contained in the National Food Agency Regulation (Perbadan) Number 11 of 2022 concerning Reference Purchase Prices at the Producer Level and Sales Reference Prices at the Consumer Level for Soybean, Shallot, Red Chili Chili, Curly Red Chili, Beef/Buffalo Meat, and Sugar Commodities Consumption.

This regulation was prepared to strengthen national food governance, particularly concerning efforts to create new equilibrium prices for strategic food commodities.

The Head of Babanas, Arief Prasetyo Adi, said that this regulation aims to regulate the Purchase and Sales Reference Prices (HAP) to provide certainty about the purchase price of the crops of farmers and breeders as well as reduce the potential for fluctuations and fluctuations in food commodity prices at the consumer level.

“For this reason, in its implementation, this regulation mandates all food business actors to be consistent in buying and selling according to predetermined reference prices,” Arief said in a written statement, Wednesday (28/12/2022).

In this regulation, the reference price for local soybean producers is Rp. 10,775 per kg and the reference price for consumers is Rp. 11,400 per kg for local soybeans and Rp. 12,000 per kg for imported soybeans.

Meanwhile, the reference price for shallots at producers is divided into several types, for wet konde Rp. 18,500-Rp. 20,000 per kg, for dry rogol for harvest Rp.

For the reference price of shallots at the consumer level, harvested dry rogol is IDR 36,500-IDR 41,500 per kg.

Meanwhile, for chili, the reference price for red cayenne pepper is IDR 25,000-IDR 31,500 per kg for producers and IDR 40,000-IDR 57,000 per kg for consumers. Curly red chilies for producers Rp. 22,000-Rp. 29,600 per kg, for consumers Rp. 37,000-Rp. 55,000 per kg.

Beef is also one of the regulated food commodities. the reference price for live beef is IDR 56,000-IDR 58,000 per kg. For the consumer level, the reference price for beef is divided into several types, fresh/chilled quadriceps Rp. 130,000 per kg, hamstrings Rp. 140,000 per kg, frozen quads Rp. 105,000 per kg, and frozen buffalo meat Rp. 80,000 per kg.

The final commodity regulated in the regulation is the consumption of sugar with a reference price of IDR 11,500 at the producer level (for a 50 kg sack) and IDR 13,500-IDR 14,500 per kg at the consumer level.