Keep Resilient during the Pandemic through Stress Management

Stress management

Many people getting stress during a pandemic. Although this is normal for most people, it doesn’t mean stress can be left alone. Stress is a body reaction that occurs when a person faces a threat, pressure, or change. The emergence of stress can also occur due to thoughts or situations that make a person feel hopeless, angry, or excited.

Stress can trigger a response from the human body. If it isn’t handled properly, stress can cause physical and psychological disorders (panic disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression).

Stress that isn’t managed properly can have a negative impact, one of which lowers the body’s immunity which makes the body more susceptible to disease. Therefore, it’s important for you to recognize the triggering factors of stress and find solutions for handling them so that they don’t get worse.

We know, everyone has a different reaction to stressful situations. During this Covid-19 pandemic, there are several groups that are vulnerable to stress. Pandemic conditions that require us to limit our activities to only staying at home for months are often the main reason for stress. Other factors that also make stressful conditions worse for most people include:

– Economic problems, a decrease in income, or layoffs

– Social interaction is very limited or very reduced

– Work from home, turns out to be more time-consuming

– Excessive anxiety about contracting Covid-19 and uncertainty over the pandemic ends, which is often accompanied by personality disorders

How Can I Start to do Stress Management?

You can do stress management by recognizing the source of stress and adapting to the new normal at this time. Then change negative thinking patterns by learning to think positively in the current situation. It’s better to stay at home and avoid negative news that triggers anxiety. Don’t be bored to adopt a healthy lifestyle, increase physical activity, and take time to relax by doing activities or hobbies you like.

Maintaining communication with other people is also important. For example, like to confide in a trusted person about how you feel. Because sharing with others can build positive energy and make you feel calmer. Don’t forget that you also need to get closer to God by praying.

During this pandemic, stress management is very important to maintain mental health. Let’s do stress management well to maintain productivity and live healthier so that we can be protected from the Covid-19 virus attack and break the chain of its spread. Consult with the nearest psychologist immediately if you feel stress is getting worse.