PPKM is Extends, Try this Way to be Free from Burnout While Working at Home

Burnout While Working at Home

Work demands feel heavier when you work from home and are prone to burnout. Burnout can be caused by a high-difficulty environment and working without constant lags.

“Burnout is often a problem for employees when they are doing routine work. Especially during the current pandemic situation that requires employees to work from home,” said Prita Yulia Maharani, Riliv’s psychologist.

Burnout experienced by an employee isn’t a situation that can be taken lightly. This condition has an impact on their personal and social life.

In addition, burnout can also disrupt their emotional health. If it isn’t addressed immediately, burnout will become a permanent ‘mind disease’.

Here are some methods that companies and employees can apply, both when working in the office or at home:

Setting Employee Working Hours

Talk about working hours with your boss. If you come in at 8.00 but haven’t been given permission to leave at 21.00, you may file an objection.

Don’t worry about working from home, employees can be hired 24 hours a day. Tell your boss that the impact of employee burnout will have an impact on many things.

Understanding the Negative Effects of Burnout on Employees

Reminding your boss or manager regarding stress management and feeling tired at work isn’t always a bad thing. Companies should provide counseling services for employees who have burnout problems.

Arrange Meeting schedules for Evaluation

Interacting with the boss or manager can be a way to ward off burnout. You can interact with each other in fixing work problems starting from the time and work system you can convey during the meeting.

For the boss, accommodate every opinion from each employee. Their ‘voice’ is very important as an evaluation material for the company’s progress. In that way, employees seem to be more valued to avoid being ‘indifferent’.

Erickson Arthur Siahaan, SpKJ, a mental health expert, said that burnout can occur during work from home and is caused by various factors. Some examples range from the atmosphere at home that doesn’t support their work, boredom, to irregular work schedules.

Dr. Erickson suggested that someone should tidy up their schedule at home. As much as possible, set time to work and time to rest.

With a regular schedule, it is hoped that someone can get enough rest time. Dr. Erickson reminded that sleep quality is important because it will help the body to manage stress.

In addition, do favorite activity or hobby at home. It is to help release the burdened mind, reduce stress in busyness.

“Don’t forget to eat healthy balanced nutritious foods, such as fruits and green vegetables. Avoid fast food because it is harmful to your body’s health,” he continued.

The last suggestion is to do exercise or meditation by imagining fun places.

Those are some ways that can be applied to avoid burnout when you working at home. If physical and mental health is maintained, your productivity won’t be disturbed.