The Enchantment of Kawah Putih in Bandung

kawah putih

Bandung is not just an ordinary city. Its natural charm is able to stun us. Kawah Putih is one of Bandung tourism object that the beauty is wondeful.

Kawah Putih at the foot of Mount Patuha, Alam Endah Village, Rancabali District, Bandung Regency, is a crater formed from the eruption of Mount Patuha.

The height of Mount Patuha reaches 2,434 meters above mean sea level (msl) but the crater is at an altitude of 2,194 meters (msl). Kawah Putih has an area of ​​25 hectares, the tourist area is 5 hectares and the crater itself is only 3 hectares.

This crater has the charm of its color gradations, ranging from bluish, whitish green and brown. This is due to the concentration of sulfur and temperature around the crater.

The impact of this sulfur also causes the sand and rocks around the crater to turn a whitish color, as well as a pungent smell of sulfur from the steam and gas that comes out of the crater.

Apart from that, the whitish characteristic color in Kawah Putih is unusual because it is rarely owned by natural tourism in Indonesia.

Its distinctive scenery, starting from the color gradations of the crater, its white sand, large rocks, the Patuha mountain cluster and edelweiss plants that add to the exotic impression of this crater.

Routes, Times, Costs and Opening Hours

The fastest route from Bandung to Ciwidey can be reached through the Soroja (Soreang-Pasir Koja) toll road apart from taking the faster road and also avoiding traffic jams that often occur in the Sayati, Margahayu and Pasar Soreang areas. The toll price for class I vehicles is IDR 7,500. To use non-toll roads, you can use the Kopo-Soreang-Ciwidey route.

The entry price to Kawah Putih is IDR 25,000 for each person. Kawah Putih area consists of 2 parking lots: the upper parking which is located close to the crater and the lower parking area. Top parking for cars is Rp 150,000. Under parking for cars and motorbikes is Rp. 6,000 and Rp. 5,000 plus using a certain vehicle to go back and forth from the crater to the downstairs parking is Rp 15,000 for each person.

Opening hours are 7 am to 5 pm on Monday to Sunday.