Vaccination per cluster will be carried out for the general public, not for public service officers. That the implementation of vaccination per cluster will focus or prioritize areas that really have high cases and morbidity due to Covid-19 first.

This means, it is not certain that every Regency and City in one Province will be the focus of the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination. However, the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination will depend on which cluster is most at risk.

For example, in a province there are 19 districts and cities. However, only three of them are at high risk, so the implementation of vaccination will first focus on these three areas. Then from the three Regencies and Cities, it is seen again which districts are most at risk. Then, then vaccination is carried out. After the vaccination of the high risk area cluster is complete, then the government will then move to another cluster.

The implementation of vaccination per cluster can also refer to the zoning of an area, which means that areas in the red zone will be prioritized for vaccination. PT Bio Farma (Persero) ensures that there will not be fake Covid-19 vaccines circulating in Indonesia.

This anticipation is carried out by utilizing technology in the form of a unique identification code on each vaccine package and vial or bottle. This information ranges from production time, expiration, to a unique identification number.