Indonesia Creative Works Exhibition 2023 Achieves Impressive Sales Revenue

Indonesia Creative Works Exhibition 2023
Indonesia Creative Works Exhibition 2023 (photo: liputan6)

The Indonesia Creative Works Exhibition (KKI) 2023, organized by Bank Indonesia (BI), has proven to be a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s economic landscape. This grand event has garnered significant attention and participation, achieving a remarkable sales revenue of Rp 80.4 billion as of Sunday (30/7/23).

The impressive feat encompasses both online sales amounting to Rp 68.2 billion and offline sales reaching Rp 12.2 billion, with further growth anticipated until the conclusion of ICWE 2023 on Sunday night.

The Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI), Juda Agung, exulted in the exhibition’s accomplishments during the closing ceremony of KKI 2023 on Sunday (July 31, 2023). He highlighted the exhibition’s critical role as a platform for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) to thrive and flourish.

Juda Agung emphasized the significance of this platform in inspiring and motivating UMKM players to unleash their creativity, nurture innovation, and foster an unyielding spirit to ascend the ranks of Indonesian UMKM, ultimately aiming to make a global impact and contribute to the country’s export-driven sustainable economic growth.

As the numbers spoke volumes, the KKI exhibition has also yielded fruitful results in the form of export business matching, securing an impressive value of Rp 207.3 billion, which includes both export realization and the signing of substantial business agreements. This achievement marks a remarkable 21.5 percent increase compared to the export business matching outcomes during the previous year’s ICWE event.

The extensive array of activities orchestrated throughout KKI 2023 succeeded in drawing an impressive total of 98,337 enthusiastic participants. The virtual sphere witnessed a substantial influx of interest, as the KKI website recorded a whopping 39,208 visitors, while the physical exhibition drew 11,832 attendees from its inauguration until Sunday afternoon.

Amidst the prevailing tumult in the global economy, which undoubtedly impacted domestic economic conditions, the unwavering enthusiasm of the public to engage with and invest in products offered by Indonesian UMKM stands as a testament to their appeal and quality. This enthusiastic response reinforces the pivotal role UMKM play in fueling Indonesia’s economic growth and development.

The KKI event stands as a shining example of effective collaboration and strategic partnerships between Bank Indonesia (BI) and various government ministries, institutions, associations, industries, aggregators, and potential buyers.

This synchronized effort showcased a grand total of 19 unique events, encompassing the grand opening ceremony, an exclusive celebration of 1000 upgraded UMKM, captivating Creative Works Showcases, the inspiring Hall of Inspiration (HOI), thought-provoking talk shows, captivating events celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Indonesian coffee, and an extensive exhibition of their products, both in the virtual and physical realms.

Immersing visitors in a world of creativity and innovation, KKI 2023 also established a creative makerspace, fostering an environment of collaboration and synergistic interactions with government ministries and institutions. Furthermore, an educational area dedicated to consumer protection and nurturing a sense of pride in the national currency served as an integral part of this multifaceted exhibition.

The phenomenal success of the Indonesia Creative Works Exhibition 2023 undoubtedly cements its significance as a catalyst for propelling the growth of Indonesian UMKM, empowering them to break new boundaries, embrace international markets, and contribute to the nation’s journey towards sustained economic prosperity.

This grand event serves as a glowing testament to the unwavering spirit and boundless creativity of the Indonesian people, driving the nation towards a bright and promising future.