The Government Will Soon Issue Special Visa for World Billionaires


The Directorate General of Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham) will soon issue a new type of visa, specifically for the world’s billionaires. The visa is a Second Home Visa. What is that? Here’s the explanation

Acting Director General of Immigration Widodo Ekatjahjana said that the issuance of this visa was the result of discussions between ministries and institutions coordinated by the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

“This special visa is given to encourage the growth of investment in Indonesia for billionaires, rich people in the world, investors who want to stay longer in Indonesia,” he said.

In addition to being intended for foreign investors, the second home visa also targets other groups such as global talent, the Indonesian diaspora, and foreign elderly tourists. They can stay in Indonesia for a period of 5-10 years.

This visa is expected to attract the diaspora to return home or the world’s rich people to live in Indonesia.

According to Widodo, his party is still finalizing it before this special visa is officially issued. “Hopefully shortly or maybe in the next few weeks, this program will become a regulation coming into force,” he said.

In front of foreign investors in the event “Absorb Aspirations for the Second Home Visa Program and Ease of Immigration Process for Investment” at the SIER Industrial Estate in Surabaya, Widodo also promised various immigration policies that provide convenience so that foreign investors feel comfortable living in Indonesia.

Furthermore, the legal basis for a ‘second home’ visa is Article 39 letter of Law No. 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration. That is:

Limited stay visas are granted to foreigners such as clergy, experts, workers, researchers, students, investors, the elderly, and their families, as well as foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens, who will travel to the Indonesian Territory to reside in Indonesia. a limited period; or

Strengthened by Article 39 of the Copyright Law:

Limited stay visas are granted to Foreigners as clergy, experts, workers, researchers, students, investors, second homes, and their families, as well as Foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens, who will travel to the Indonesian Territory to reside in a limited period; or

“This rule will later attract billionaires to enjoy their old days in Indonesia while working,” Widodo said.

In the Elucidation of Article 39 paragraph 1 letter an of the Job Creation Law, it is stated that what is meant by ‘second house limited stay visa’ is a visa granted to Foreigners and their families to stay permanently in Indonesia for 5 (five) years or 10 (ten) years after fulfilling the requirements. certain requirements.

“It is hoped that entering a certain year, they will then settle and invest in Indonesia and change their visa to a Kitap (Permanent Stay Permit Card),” Widodo explained.

To this day, Immigration is still discussing intensely the second home visa. Widodo gives an example of Malaysia which provides similar visas. For those who will get the visa, foreign nationals must deposit money in Rp 500 million as a deposit. When the visa expires, the money will be returned in full.

“For us, the amount of the deposit money is still being worked out. In Malaysia, this has succeeded in attracting many people to come to Malaysia with the quality of qualified foreigners,” said Widodo.