iPhone 14 is Cheaper in These Countries Compared to Indonesia, Interested in Buying?

iPhone 14 model (photo: sanket mishra - Unsplash)

Apple’s latest smartphone series, the iPhone 14 series, has garnered significant attention as the most advanced lineup of devices from the tech giant. Positioned as flagship smartphones, these devices come with a hefty price tag in Indonesia. However, it is worth noting that there are five countries worldwide where the iPhone 14 is available at a more affordable price than in Indonesia.

The iPhone 14, being the center of attention, has led many individuals to explore its pricing options, both at iBox and Digimap retailers. In Indonesia, the 128GB variant of the iPhone 14 is priced at Rp13,999,000, while the 256GB model is set at Rp16,999,000. For those seeking the top-tier option with 512GB of storage, the price reaches Rp20,999,000.

Comparatively, the iPhone 14’s pricing in Indonesia stands among the highest globally. The Mac Index reveals that at least five countries offer the iPhone 14 at more affordable rates. Australia, for instance, sells the device starting from Rp12.6 million. Similarly, China and South Korea have market prices for the iPhone 14 at Rp12.7 million.

Furthermore, Taiwan and Japan present pricing options of Rp12.8 million and Rp12.9 million, respectively, for that iphone series until May 2023. However, Brazil and Turkey are notable exceptions, as they sell the iPhone 14 at relatively higher prices. In Brazil, the device demands a minimum of Rp22.6 million, while Turkey sets the price at $1,507 or around Rp22.4 million.

Various factors contribute to the higher prices of Apple products. These include the substantial costs associated with research and development, as well as specific tax policies implemented in Indonesia.

Additionally, it is crucial to recognize that each country possesses its own distinct pricing structure. For instance, Indonesia imposes a tax rate of 17.5 percent on iPhones sold in Singapore, resulting in an increase of approximately Rp2.8 million when the iPhone 11, priced at Rp16.9 million in Singapore, enters the Indonesian market.

Moreover, the volatile exchange rate between the Indonesian rupiah and the US dollar significantly impacts the selling prices of iPhones within the country. This factor contributes to the higher prices faced by Indonesian consumers.