Meta Trials AI Technology on Instagram: Chatting with Robot in DM

Meta Trials AI Technology on Instagram: Chatting with Robots in DMs (photo: alexander shatov - Unsplash)

In the race to embrace the advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI), major global tech giants are striving to integrate this cutting-edge technology into their platforms. The latest contender is Meta, which is swiftly incorporating generative AI technology through a new feature on Instagram, the popular social media platform.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is introducing AI across various features on Instagram, including advertising. This move highlights the company’s commitment to harnessing the potential of AI to enhance user experiences and expand the capabilities of their platform.

According to a tweet, Instagram is currently in the process of testing an AI chat option, allowing users to engage in conversations with an AI-powered chatbot. Through this innovative feature, users can ask questions and receive personalized suggestions via direct message (DM) chats.

To cater to diverse user preferences, Instagram’s AI chatbot will offer a selection of 30 different personalities. This wide range of options aims to ensure that users can engage with the chatbot in a manner that aligns with their needs and preferences.

During conversations with other Instagram users, individuals can seamlessly invite the AI chatbot to join the conversation by @-mentioning its name in the chat. This integration aims to facilitate dynamic interactions and provide users with an additional resource for information and guidance.

It is important to note that the AI chat feature is currently being tested with a limited number of users. While the exact timeline for its widespread availability remains unclear, Instagram is diligently evaluating user feedback and refining the feature to ensure a seamless and reliable experience for all users.

Comparisons have been drawn between Instagram’s AI chatbot and Snapchat’s My AI feature, which shares similar goals and design principles. Notably, Snapchat’s AI feature faced mixed reactions from users, raising curiosity about how Instagram’s offering will be received. Will Instagram follow in Snapchat’s footsteps, or will it introduce a unique and well-received AI feature that resonates with its user base?

As the development and integration of AI continue to shape the landscape of social media platforms, the industry eagerly awaits the response from Instagram users, who hold the key to determining the success and popularity of this new AI-driven chat feature.