Afraid of Being Cursed, Governor of Bali Will Still Prohibit Climbing Sacred Mountains

Several Mountains in Bali Will Be Made into Sacred Areas. (Photo: Bill Fairs - Unsplash)

Amidst a chorus of dissenting voices, Governor of Bali, I Wayan Koster, remains resolute in his unwavering determination to maintain the prohibition on mountain climbing for tourists in the captivating Island of Bali. Despite facing protests from various quarters, Koster stands firm, driven by an ardent desire to safeguard the island’s natural beauty, preserve its delicate ecosystem, and uphold the rich tapestry of its cultural heritage.

Governor Koster affirms that his administration diligently conducted an extensive and comprehensive study, leaving no stone unturned, before reaching the decision to impose the ban on mountain climbing in Bali.

He emphasizes that the comprehensive assessment was undertaken with meticulous care and consideration, taking into account the intricate interplay between the environment, humanity, and the unique cultural fabric of Bali.

Unyielding to pragmatic arguments, Governor Koster unapologetically dismisses those who prioritize short-term gains over the long-term preservation of Bali’s natural and cultural treasures.

He states, “I pay no heed to those with a pragmatic mindset, as their myopic views disregard the profound consequences that can disrupt the delicate harmony between nature, humanity, and the essence of Balinese culture. Such narrow-minded pragmatism has no place in shaping the future of Bali.”

During the 19th Plenary Session of the Bali Regional Council (DPRD Bali), held at the awe-inspiring DPRD Bali Building in Denpasar, Governor Koster articulates his unwavering commitment to the cause, responding to various perspectives and expressing, “While some may seek immediate gratification without considering the far-reaching implications for Bali, I refuse to jeopardize the integrity of our beloved island. We must exercise caution and think beyond the present, as our actions today reverberate into the future.”

Governor Koster urges the public to ponder the weightiness of the situation, urging them to embrace a mindset of responsible stewardship and reject recklessness. He emphasizes that the decision-making process was not taken lightly and involved extensive consultations with esteemed spiritual leaders and key stakeholders, ensuring that all perspectives were carefully considered.

Governor Koster emphasizes, “This decision bears the weight of our collective responsibility. I have sought counsel and engaged in profound discussions, not only with ordinary citizens but also with spiritual luminaries. Rest assured, my actions are guided by profound reverence for Bali’s preservation. I implore everyone to join hands in safeguarding the sanctity of our beloved island.”

Governor Koster stresses that the ban on mountain climbing was not a hastily concocted policy implemented within a short timeframe. Even before assuming the role of Governor, he exhibited a proactive approach by studying the principles of Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali and delving into the philosophical underpinnings that govern the harmonious coexistence between nature, humanity, and the cultural heritage of Bali.

Governor Koster shares, “The prohibition on mountain climbing is not an impromptu decision. Prior to my governorship, I devoted myself to the study of Bali’s sacred teachings, immersing myself in the profound wisdom that governs our relationship with nature, humanity, and our cultural legacy. I have long championed the cause of preservation, and now, the opportune moment has arrived for its implementation.”

Governor Koster underscores the significance of drawing wisdom from revered figures, ancestral spirits, and venerable elders who possess invaluable insights into the nurturing of Bali’s identity.

He emphasizes that mountains hold a special place in Bali’s spiritual and cultural landscape, serving as sacred sites where spiritual luminaries seek inspiration and wisdom.

Governor Koster states, “We must humbly seek guidance from Bali’s holy individuals, our revered ancestors, and the custodians of our island. They hold the key to preserving the delicate balance between nature, humanity, and Bali’s cultural tapestry, a balance that has been in place since the island’s inception.”