iPhone Users Will Soon Be Able to Install Apps outside the App Store

App Store

Apple is rumored to be more relaxed in its rules. In the future, iPhone and iPad users will have the option of being able to install apps outside of the App Store.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple’s software and services team is currently redesigning the platform. This is done to ‘unlock key elements’, quoted from Engadget, Tuesday (20/12/2022).

Engadget notes this will allow developers to avoid paying 15%-30% from Apple. The payment system has previously been widely protested by developers.

Gurman added that these changes will be released on iOS 17. That operating system, if it doesn’t change, will likely be released next year.

According to the same report, the change was prompted by a new regulation in the European Union, namely the Digital Markets and Services Act. The rule would be particularly problematic for Apple, which previously made it difficult for users to leave iOS.

Engadget wrote that one example of the law is that it regulates interoperability between different messaging platforms and equal access for outside developers to core operating system features. The rule also encourages platform holders to allow sideloading.

As is known, Apple is very strict in regulating that iPhone and iPad users can only download applications from the App Store. However, the existence of this regulation is said to be able to change this condition.

Apple itself is known to challenge the issue of side loading, which is said to be risky for security and privacy. Gurman reports that the company is considering imposing certain security requirements on software distributed outside of the App Store.

One of the big changes from the law is that Apple can open up the API and some of its features. Some of these are related to NFC and camera technology on third-party developers.

Apple is also considering whether to drop the requirement that third-party browsers must use the company’s Web Kit framework.