Bali-Mandara Toll Road Is Beautified to Welcome the G20 Presidency


In preparation for the series of G20 Summit meetings which will be held in November 2022 in Bali, the Bali – Mandara Toll Road will receive a decorative upgrade.

This is done by the government to beautify access of the protocol infrastructure that connects Ngurah Rai, Benoa, and Nusa Dua.

Reported by the official statement, Sunday (27/3/2022), the Toll Road Regulatory Agency of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) said the Bali – Mandara toll road would be crossed by leaders of the G20 countries during the 2022 G20 Presidency in Bali Province.

For this reason, various preparations on this toll road are realized in a beautification program and landscape arrangement that is in line with the commitment to realize a sustainable toll road.

Meanwhile, the beautification program and landscape arrangement carried out on the Bali – Mandara Toll Road are making garden landscapes at every toll entry access, toll medians, planting mangroves in the Ngurah Rai Interchange area, and planting mangroves in KM 3 in the form of G20.

Furthermore, repainting was carried out for barriers to toll road restrictions and motor railings, cleaning, and beautification of all toll gates, cleaning piles, installing Balinese dancer sculptures at each toll entry access.

In addition to upgrading road decorations, the government is also ready to build a solar power plant (PLTS) on the Bali Mandara Toll Road.

This readiness was marked by the groundbreaking of the PLTS at the Ngurah Rai Toll Gate (GT) on the Bali Mandara Toll Road, Saturday (5/3/2022).

Jasa Marga’s Business Director, Reza Febriano, explained that the Bali Mandara Toll Road is one of the infrastructures that will support the implementation of the G20 Presidency.

“Reducing global carbon emissions, which is one of the focuses of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, is our concern and commitment,” he said in a written statement.

“This is also in line with one of the three focuses of the agenda in Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, namely a sustainable energy transition.

PLTS on the Bali Mandara Toll Road will later be built by Bukit Asam through its subsidiary PT BEI to support the business and operational activities of PT JBT, which is a subsidiary of Jasa Marga.

The construction of the PLTS which will have a maximum capacity of 400 kilowatt-peak (kWp) will begin at the Ngurah Rai GT which will then be forwarded to two other GTs, namely GT Nusa Dua and GT Benoa.

Later, solar panels will be installed at six points each at the entry and exit of the motorway at 3 toll gates on the Bali-Mandara Toll Road. The length of the solar panels for each of these points is 1 kilometer.

The electricity supply obtained through the PLTS will later become an environmentally friendly source of electricity for Public Street Lighting (PJU), operational offices, and also toll gates on the Bali Mandara Toll Road.