Jabodetabek Commuterline KRL Line Will Undergo Line Changes


The existence of the 5th switch over (SO) activity which will be carried out at Manggarai Station on Friday (27/05) night until Saturday (28/05) in the morning has caused the Jabodetabek commuter line KRL station to undergo temporary adjustments. This is part of the Manggarai Station construction completion according to the planned schedule.

Head of the Jakarta and Banten Regional Railway Engineering Center, Rode Paulus, said that this SO 5 activity needs to be carried out to organize and condition the railway line at Manggarai Station so that construction can continue.

“We will take advantage of the window time between the operating hours of the train, which starts after the last train finishes operating and before the first train starts the next day’s journey to work on SO 5,” Rode said in his official statement, Monday (23/5).

Rode said this was done so that train travel including the Commuterline KRL would not be disrupted

Furthermore, he explained that the SO 5 activity was carried out by activating the temporary track for Line 1 and Line 2, at the same time closing Line 3, replacing the signaling system, and installing and replacing the overhead power network (JLAA) to adjust to lane changes.

“There will be a total of 8 work points during SO 5 and will connect the temporary Line 1 and Line three with the existing one and close Line 3 so that civil structural work on the east side of the Manggarai Station building can be started so that the target for building operation in 2023 can be realized. ,” he said.

After the SO 5 activity is carried out, there will be an adjustment of the line at Manggarai Station which is used to serve train passengers. After SO 5 later, Line 1 and Line 2 of Manggarai Station will only serve long-distance trains, and Line 3 will be deactivated.

Meanwhile, the Bekasi/Cikarang Line Commuterline KRL will be served on Line 6 and Line 7 at Manggarai Station. The Bogor Line will be served on Line 10, Line 11, Line 12, and Line 13.

Furthermore, in addition to changing the train service line, the implementation of SO 5 was also followed by the adjustment of the Commuterline KRL Train Travel Chart (GAPEKA).

Vice President (VP) Corporate Secretary of KAI Commuter Anne Purba said, in GAPEKA the results of the adjustment after SO 5, the operating pattern of the Commuterline KRL will experience quite significant changes for the Bogor Line and Bekasi/Cikarang Line. In general, changes to the operation pattern of the Commuterline KRL will be carried out by following the scheme as follows.

All KRL Bogor Lines go to Jakarta Kota KRL Bekasi/Cikarang Line Station using 2 operating patterns:

  • Full Racket (Looping)
  • Cikarang/Bekasi – Jatinegara – Manggarai – Kampung Bandan – Pasar Senen – Jatinegara – Bekasi/Cikarang
  • Cikarang/Bekasi – Jatinegara – Pasar Senen – Kampung Bandan – Manggarai – Jatinegara – Bekasi/Cikarang
  • Half Racket
  • Cikarang/Bekasi – Jatinegara – Manggarai – Tanah Abang – Kampung Bandan (PP)
  • Cikarang/Bekasi – Jatinegara – Manggarai – Tanah Abang – Angke (PP)
  • Serpong Line, Tangerang Line and Soetta Airport Train remain unchanged

Anne explained that changes to the service operation pattern at Manggarai Station will be carried out to maintain the safety and security of users when moving platforms for transit.

Later, the GAPEKA adjustment will also be followed by the addition of the distribution of the KRL series on the Cikarang crossing.

“Before the adjustment was implemented, 17 KRL circuits were served across Cikarang, later this will increase to 21 KRL circuits consisting of 10 and 12 SF,” he said.

The maximum speed of the Cikarang-Jatinegara KRL trip will also increase from the previous 70 km/h to 95 km/h and cut the travel time by about 2 minutes.

GAPEKA adjustments and implementation of the new Commuterline KRL operation pattern will be carried out after SO 5 activities are completed on 28 May 2022. To welcome this change, DJKA will collaborate with KAI Commuter and other stakeholders to disseminate information to the public.