California Legalizes Human Remains for Fertilizer. Wow!

Human Remains for compost illustration

California Governor Gavin Newsom last Sunday signed a new law that allows citizens to choose the option of composting after death, effective from 2027. The practice of turning human remains into compost is now legal. What is the real purpose of this practice?

Composting human remains is claimed to be more environmentally friendly than cremation or burial. Not only that but this practice is also carried out to deal with climate change and save a safe and clean environment.

“Climate change and sea level rise are a very real threat to our environment. [Composting] is an alternative method that will not contribute emissions to the atmosphere,” said assemblyman Christina Garcia, who proposed the bill, according to The New York Post, Friday (23/9/2022).

“AB 351 will provide California residents with additional options to be more environmentally friendly and provide them with another option for burial,” Garcia said in a statement.

The new bill would prohibit the merging of the bodies of several people unless they were relatives. However, it would still be legal to sell the land or use it to grow food for human consumption.

“I look forward to continuing my legacy of fighting for clean air using human remains to plant trees,” he wrote.

Some scientists agree that human corpses can indeed be composted. It’s the same as composting dead cattle which is often done by farms almost all over the United States.

The Natural Funeral is a company that provides composting services for human corpses. Composting is done in crates that are shaped like ships.

Then the human body will undergo natural decay for 30 days or more before becoming fertilizer. The lining in the special coffin will also be routinely processed to maintain the process of making compasses from human corpses. Then within six months, the corpse that went through this process was completely turned into soil.

The soil from the composting process of the corpse can be used to grow plants, trees, and flowers and give them new life.

To get these services the price offered is quite fantastic. The range of the funeral costs for the corpse to be composted is around Rp. 112 million.