The Earth’s Core in the Indonesian Ocean Tilts, What Causes It?


Recently, a study from The Independent found that the Earth’s core in the Indonesian ocean was tilted. The Earth’s core, more precisely in the Banda Ocean, is reported to lose heat more quickly than other regions.

According to The Independent, the Earth’s core beneath Indonesia loses heat faster than other regions. This makes the cooling process faster due to the crystallization of the iron constituents of the core. This incident is similar to that in Brazil.

Furthermore, it turns out that this incident occurred 500 years ago. However, it is also not known why the rapid cooling process.

“The only way we can explain is that one side is growing faster than the other,” said study lead author Daniel Frost, a seismologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

The discovery came to light when researchers from the University of California Seismologists studied seismic waves. These are underground vibrations from earthquakes passing through a solid iron core.

The core itself is 3,000 kilometers below the earth’s surface. This part contains iron as well as nickel.

Iron crystallization tends to be westward, namely in the Banda Sea, according to scientists because of asymmetric growth that occurs 60% higher in the west. Scientists say growth doesn’t mean the risk is out of balance.

But the research doesn’t stop there, Frost reveals that there is still one mystery that must be solved. “The question is, does this change the strength of the magnetic field?” said Frost.

For information, the Earth’s magnetic field is a geomagnetic field that reaches from the inside of the Earth to the limit of the magnetic field to meet the Sun’s radiation.

Simply put, Earth’s magnetic field reflects most of the solar wind. This is a stream of charged particles from the Sun that can break down in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Earth’s magnetic field is also used for several things. Like a compass used by humans and migratory animals.

It is known, that Indonesia is a country with abundant natural wealth. Natural wealth is not only located on land, but also in the ocean.

Report to National Geographic Indonesia, it turns out that there are 1.5 million tons of gold contained in the ocean.

It is not recently known, reports of the presence of gold in the sea were submitted by the English chemist Edward Sonstadt, in 1872.