Unveiling Lombok’s Hidden Treasures: 4 Spectacular Nature Escapes Post MotoGP Mandalika


The MotoGP Pertamina Grand Prix Of Indonesia 2023 is gearing up to be a global tourism magnet once again, and it’s not just about the thrilling races. Travelers attending the event can also explore four enchanting natural and cultural destinations in the picturesque Mandalika region of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Batu Payung: Where Nature Unfolds Its Beauty

Batu Payung, or “Umbrella Rock” as it’s locally known, is a renowned natural attraction. It earned its name due to a massive coral rock in the middle of the beach that, when viewed from above, resembles an open umbrella. Visitors can relish the stunning scenery of coral reefs and hills as they stroll along the coastline. Regrettably, the iconic coral rock has weathered due to natural forces.

photo: Lombok Travel Guide

But don’t fret, as this beach is also home to a small island called Gili Anakan, which rivals the beauty of Gili Trawangan. Beyond enjoying the beach’s ambiance, many tourists opt for picnics on Batu Karang Beach, where the crashing waves and sandy shores offer a tranquil escape.

Situated on Jalan Kuta Lombok, in the Pujut District of Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Batu Payung Beach is a mere 12-minute drive from the Mandalika Circuit.

Pantai Kuta Mandalika: A Coastal Paradise

Mandalika boasts Pantai Kuta, a coastal gem that rivals Bali’s famed Kuta Beach. With crystal-clear azure waters, expansive stretches of pristine white sands spanning 7.2 kilometers, and picturesque rock formations, this beach offers a serene haven. The gentle waves make it perfect for family outings or leisurely picnics with friends.

photo: ANTARA FOTO/Harviyan Perdana Putra

This captivating beach is conveniently located near the Mandalika Circuit, in the village of Kuta, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. A short 8-minute drive will take you from the circuit to Pantai Kuta.

The name “Pantai Kuta” piques the interest of travelers who wonder if it rivals the renowned Kuta Beach in Bali. Besides its visual charm, the tranquil waves and immaculate white sands make it an ideal destination for both local and international visitors.

Bukit Merese: Nature’s Masterpiece

Bukit Merese, or Merese Hill, stands out as one of the top natural attractions around Mandalika. Its popularity soared among tourists when it became the backdrop for the MotoGP in 2022 at the Mandalika Circuit.

Visitors can relish breathtaking views of the deep blue sea, with the opportunity to witness both sunrise and sunset from the hill’s vantage point, which typically stands at 30 to 50 meters above sea level. Not only are there mesmerizing sea views, but also vast stretches of lush greenery, making it a visual feast.

Photo: Indonesia.travel

Bukit Merese isn’t a towering hill, which makes it an ideal location for soft trekking. Travelers of all ages, from children to adults, can explore this picturesque spot.

Bukit Merese can be found on Jalan Kuta Lombok, in the Kuta village of the Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. From the Mandalika Circuit, a short 15-minute drive is all it takes to reach this natural wonder.

Desa Adat Sade and Desa Adat Ende: Cultural Insights

photo: suarapemerintah

Desa Adat Sade and Desa Adat Ende are two separate cultural attractions, each offering a unique experience. Desa Wisata Sade is located in the Rembitan area, while Desa Wisata Ende is situated in the Sengkol village. However, both destinations share a common goal of showcasing the culture and traditions of the Sasak people.

Desa Adat Sade and Ende are perfect for those seeking a deeper understanding of Lombok’s Sasak culture. Life in both villages remains deeply traditional, with most residents engaging in traditional livelihoods like farming, animal husbandry, and weaving. Even the younger generation is taught the art of weaving, an integral aspect of Sasak culture.

These cultural destinations offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in Sasak culture and traditions. This includes watching traditional Sasak dances, observing traditional activities, acquiring local textile handicrafts, and exploring traditional Sasak houses. One such traditional house, known as “Bale Tani,” represents the farmer’s dwelling.

Desa Adat Sade is a short 15-minute drive from the Mandalika Circuit, while Desa Ende is about 18 minutes away. Interestingly, it’s only a four-minute drive from Desa Adat Sade to Ende.

These four recommended destinations are sure to enhance your experience in the Mandalika region. So, as you enjoy the MotoGP event, take the time to explore these captivating natural and cultural treasures, and make your visit to Lombok truly memorable.