Check Out the Following Requirements for Foreign Nationals Who Want to Buy Landed and Flats Houses in Indonesia!


Foreign Citizens (WNA) are allowed by the government to own a landed house or flat in Indonesia. However, several requirements must be met by the foreigner.

Certainty regarding the permissibility of foreign nationals to have landed houses/flats in Indonesia is contained in Ministerial Regulation (Permen) No. 18/2021 concerning Procedures for Application of Management Rights and Land Rights. This regulation is a derivative of the provisions of Article 142 and Article 182 letter b of Law no. 11/2020 concerning Job Creation.

Director-General of Agrarian Arrangement at the Ministry of ATR/BPN Andi Tenrisau said that the housing that foreigners can own includes two things, namely landed houses and flats.

The requirement is that the landed house that can be owned by foreigners must be on a right of use (HP) on state land and can also be on a right of use on land with ownership rights or management rights (HPL).

“For flats, foreigners can own them on condition that they must be on a Right to Use or Right to Build [HGB]. Or it could be HGB on land with management rights and on use rights or HGB on land with ownership rights,” he said in a discussion, Wednesday. (30/3/2022).

The government has also set a limit on the price of houses that can be purchased by foreigners where each region in Indonesia even has a minimum limit on the price of their respective occupancy.

“They also have to have official immigration to be able to live in Indonesia,” he said.

The following is the unit price of landed housing for foreigners:

  • DKI Jakarta Rp10 billion
  • Banten IDR 5 billion
  • West Java IDR 5 billion
  • Central Java IDR 3 billion
  • DI Yogyakarta IDR 5 billion
  • East Java IDR 5 billion
  • Bali IDR 5 billion
  • NTB IDR 3 billion
  • North Sumatra IDR 3 billion
  • East Kalimantan IDR 2 billion
  • South Sulawesi Rp2 billion
  • Other provinces IDR 1 billion

Prices for flats house that can be owned by foreigners:

  • DKI Jakarta IDR 3 billion
  • Banten IDR 2 billion
  • West Java IDR 1 billion
  • Central Java IDR 1 billion
  • IN Yogyakarta IDR 1 billion
  • East Java IDR 1.5 billion
  • Bali IDR 2 billion
  • NTB IDR 1 billion
  • North Sumatra IDR 1 billion
  • East Kalimantan IDR 1 billion
  • South Sulawesi Rp1 billion
  • Other provinces IDR 750 million

Furthermore, Article 185 of Ministerial Regulation 18/2021 states that foreigners who have immigration documents issued by the competent authority can own a residence or dwelling in the form of a treaded house on the land where they use rights on state land and use rights on property rights. which is controlled based on the agreement to grant the right of use over the right of ownership with the deed of the Land Deed Official (PPAT) and the right of management based on the agreement on the use of the land with the holder of the management right.

Foreigners can also own flats built on land parcels with usufructuary rights or building use rights on state land, use rights or building use rights on land with management rights, and use rights or building use rights on proprietary land.

Article 186 of Ministerial Regulation 18 of 2021 explains that there are several categories of housing that foreigners can own. For landed houses, namely houses with the luxury house category following the provisions of laws and regulations, 1 plot of land per person/family, and the land area is 2,000 square meters at most.