Covid-19 Soared Again in Singapore

Singapore Covid-19

Some time ago, Singapore has made efforts to ‘make peace’ with Covid-19. However, recently the spike in cases has re-occurred.

As of September 2, Singapore’s Ministry of Health released data on Covid-19 cases. Quoted from CNBC Indonesia, Singapore experienced an increase of 191 cases from the previous day.

It is known, Singapore made easing in mid-August, by relaxing the number of people who are allowed to meet a maximum of five people in one meeting. 

People who have been fully vaccinated or who have tested negative for Covid-19 in the last 24 hours are also allowed to eat on the premises. However, dining at open food centers and coffee shops are only allowed for a maximum of two people, regardless of any vaccination status.

Meanwhile, Lawrence Wong, Co-Chair of the Multi-Ministerial Covid-19 Task Force, said there would be no easing of restrictions for now, following a spike in local cases. 

“We don’t intend to make any new opening steps at this point, as there is a time lag between the onset of infection and serious illness, so we would like to take the time to monitor the situation,”

he said, as quoted by Channel News Asia.

Quoted from, Wong emphasized that there is no need to tighten restrictions because Singapore already has high vaccine coverage and is starting to coexist with Covid-19.

It is known that, as of August 30, Singapore had fully vaccinated 80% of the population, as well as 83% who had received at least one injection. 

Wong added authorities would continue aggressive testing and contact tracing to slow transmission and avoid a spike in cases.