Help Your Children More Focus with the “Focus” Feature in the Zoom App

zoom app

Zoom has just announced a new mode called Focus. This feature is presented to help children stay focused on online learning during the pandemic.

This feature helps children learn without having to be distracted by friends taking classes at the same time. However, the teachers can supervise all the students normally.

When enabled, Focus mode will prevent meeting participants from viewing videos or sharing screens. This provides better control for teachers during the teaching and learning process.

A teacher can turn on Focus mode during a presentation, and then turn it off during a class discussion. This Focus mode can be used for free.

Even if teachers restrict their students’ views, participants still can view their videos, as well as any video or screen-sharing views that the presenter highlights. They can also see the names of other participants, as well as any emoji reactions.

Overall, this feature is indeed seen as a unique way to keep students focused and not distracting each other between students in the class. This feature also can be used for office coordination meetings.