The Bali-Mandara Toll Road Has Been Completely Beautified

The Bali-Mandara Toll Road Has Been Completely Beautified

To welcome Indonesia’s G20 summit in Bali in November, the government has beautified the Bali-Mandara toll road. This work and arrangement have been completed 100 percent in the 3rd week of August 2022.

The work carried out by PT Jasamarga Bali Tol (JBT) includes landscaping, a green environment in the program of planting mangroves, and trees, and making gardens.

Then, green energy in the work of Solar Power Plants (PLTS) to the addition of local Balinese culture in the ornaments of Public Street Lighting (PJU), renovation of toll gates, and installation of Balinese dancer sculptures.

President Director of PT JBT I Ketut Adiputra Karang said, the completion of all work on the arrangement of the Bali-Mandara Toll Road made his party ready to welcome the implementation of the G20 Presidency in November 2022.

Because this toll road is one of the infrastructures that will later support the mobilization of the delegations of the G20 member countries.

“Not only making arrangements for aesthetics, but we are also committed to implementing green environment and green energy-based programs, this is in line with the environmental issues discussed in the G20,” Adi said in a press release, Monday (05/09/2022).

His party has planted a total of 756,800 mangrove seedlings on the Bali-Mandara Toll Road, precisely at the Ngurah Rai Interchange and at KM 3+600.

That number includes the planting of mangrove seedlings that make up the words G20 of 158 meters x 54 meters with a total of 300,000 seedlings.

According to him, the current challenge is to maintain mangrove seedlings during erratic weather and strong winds that have the potential to cause high waves.

“To ensure the growth of mangroves, we also help protect mangroves from the paper algae pest phenomenon which is predicted to occur until the end of September 2022,” he added.

In addition, it also accelerates the growth and lushness of plants and flowers with various efforts. Such as pruning leaves and twigs on bougainvillea plants as well as regular fertilization and irrigation of plants and flowers. That is the focus of PT JBT to ensure all plants continue to grow lush and flower during the implementation of the G20 Presidency.

On the other hand, the Solar Power Plant (PLTS) in collaboration with PT Bukit Energi Investama is currently also starting to operate. To meet daily electricity needs such as PJU, Operational Office, to Toll Gate.

The energy efficiency produced by the PLTS with a capacity of 400 Kwp will make the Bali-Mandara Toll Road more environmentally friendly.