Domestic Container Loading and Unloading Rates Rise


The loading and unloading rates for the domestic container are confirmed to increase as of September 15, 2022. This is confirmed by Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) or Pelindo. The adjustment of the service tariff is carried out with various considerations and studies.

GM of PT Pelindo Regional 2 Tanjung Priok M. Hadi Syafitri Noor explained that the tariff has been effective starting at 00:00 WIB as of September 15, 2022. The tariff adjustment for loading and unloading services is carried out with various considerations and studies so that it meets the requirements for evaluation and adjustments.

Moreover, he said, because the existing tariff has been in effect for 6 years. Since 2016, it has been enforced and has never been adjusted until 2022.

Thus, he emphasized that the process that had been carried out for the adjustment of loading and unloading tariffs for containers was following the tariff adjustment mechanism.

This increase, he continued, has also been contained in PM No. 121/2018 concerning Amendments to PM No. 72/2017 concerning Types, Structures, Classes, and Mechanisms for Determining Port Services Tariffs, it is stated that port service rates can be evaluated no later than once every 2 years since rates are set.

Whereas since 2016 until now there have been many improvements in quality, productivity, and system developments to improve services at the terminal.

“Some other factors that are also taken into consideration are the wages of workers (TKBM) from 2016 to 2022 which have increased by 45 percent, fuel prices have increased by 125 percent, inflation has increased by 19.46 percent,” he said, Wednesday (21/9/2022). ).

Furthermore, Pelindo will also adjust the tariff for container handling charges (CHC) at Tanjung Priok Port. CHC rates may be increased in 2022 or 2023.

President Director of PT Pelindo Terminal Petikemas (SPTP) M. Adji said his party needed to adjust the CHC tariff. The main considerations are inflation, fuel increases, and other external factors.

Internally, management is targeting or developing many infrastructure projects that require new equipment or resources, therefore additional and.

“This CHC has not been increased for a long time. Incidentally, fuel has increased, there is inflation, then we also develop a lot of infrastructure, equipment, that’s necessary (funds),” said Adji when contacted, Wednesday (24/8/).

Economically, Adji continued, the adjustment of container handling charges tariffs will cover the company’s investments that have been made

Currently, SPTP and several associations are still discussing the increase in CHC rates. Adji said several aspects must be considered before the tariff decision is raised.