Covid-19 Eris Variant Emerges, Government Urged to Restrict Tourists from the UK

traveler in Ngurah rai Airport
traveler in Ngurah rai Airport

The recent emergence of the Eris variant of the Covid-19 virus has sparked renewed attention and raised a host of concerns. The government has come under pressure to adopt stringent measures to control the entry of foreign tourists and travelers from abroad, particularly those arriving from the United Kingdom, in a concerted effort to thwart the potential ingress of this variant into the Indonesian territory.

Bambang Soesatyo, the esteemed Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR), underscored the urgency of the situation, highlighting the widespread prevalence and rapid escalation of cases attributed to the Eris variant across several nations, with the United Kingdom notably bearing a significant brunt.

In light of these circumstances, Bambang Soesatyo strongly emphasized the imperative for the government to take immediate and decisive steps to shield Indonesia from the possible infiltration of the virus.

Among the recommended measures, he fervently suggested intensifying the control over the entry of foreign visitors and travelers from affected regions, with a specific focus on individuals originating from the United Kingdom and other nations grappling with the variant.

Addressing this issue, Bambang Soesatyo articulated, “In order to avert the dissemination of the Covid-19 Eris variant, it is essential that the government adopts measures to deter the entry of foreign tourists into Indonesia.”

Furthermore, Bambang Soesatyo also pressed the Ministry of Health to embark on a comprehensive campaign to disseminate critical information and awareness concerning the Covid-19 Eris variant. This encompassed imparting insights into the symptomatic manifestations associated with exposure to this particular variant, elucidating the appropriate protocols for managing cases, and dispensing practical advice to minimize the risk of encountering the variant.

In his call to action, he added, “It is imperative for the government to take proactive steps in amplifying Covid-19 vaccination efforts and enforcing stringent health protocols across diverse public spaces, thereby fortifying societal resilience against the evolving strains of the coronavirus.”

This heightened state of vigilance comes as a response to the escalating concerns over the potential implications of the Covid-19 Eris variant. It underscores the need for comprehensive and collaborative measures to curb its spread and mitigate its impact within Indonesia’s borders.